December 30, 2017

SmartRazor® Heats Up Razor Industry With Revolutionary New Technology

SmartRazor® Heats Up Razor Industry With Revolutionary New Technology

New SmartRazor®Offers Heated Blades for the Perfect Shave

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – 2017 – SmartRazor® will debut the world’s first and only heated blades razor through its Indiegogo Campaign.  

SmartRazor® HEAT® is  the new battery-powered razor with heated blades that stay at the optimum warm temperature throughout the entire shave for a much higher level of comfort and performance.  SmartRazor is the first to merge cutting edge Smart Technology with razors to fundamentally improve the shaving experience.   

Brothers Lou and Pete Tomassetti are serial entrepreneurs with myriad of experience in this space. They have brought innovation to the razor industry for many years, but for the last decade their focus has been on searching for the Perfect Shave.  And they found it.  Actually, they made it.
“SmartRazor’s heated blades slice through hair effortlessly with virtually no tug and pull, like a warm knife through butter,” said Lou.  “It has been scientifically proven through laboratory testing that SmartRazor's heated blades slice through hair up to 200 percent easier than other brands non-heated blades.  This innovation is very exciting and is the first major razor reinvention in hundreds of years.”
“Shaving with SmartRazor feels good.  The warm blades provide comfortable smooth shaves for both men and women, like a spa-shave every day.  Our grandfathers knew hot shaves were the best and now with SmartRazor, you can have the modern version of a warm soothing barbershop shave right at home with the push of a button.” said Pete Tomassetti.
The patented warm blade technology system developed by SmartRazor, LLC is the industry’s only razor system for men and women that actually heat the blades to the cutting edge which accounts for a dramatic increase in shaving performance and comfort.  

Razors are certainly in a hot market as of late.  In July, Start-Up Dollar Shave Club was acquired for $1 billion by Unilever.  “Dollar Shave Club has disrupted and improved marketing and delivery of razors.  Now, SmartRazor® upgrades razors themselves,” said Lou Tomassetti.  “The razor industry is obviously in flux, and razor innovation is the next phase.  

SmartRazor® represents a paradigm shift from status quo razors to new hi-tech razors with heated blades.  SmartRazor® is the Game Changer in Shave.”  Tomassetti said.
Powered by battery and controlled by a microprocessor, SmartRazor® is the most advanced shaving razor to date. The heat not only offers a more comfortable shave, but may also help those with razor rash and may reduce the chance for bacteria on the blades as well.

SmartRazor® will be available via pre-orders at Indiegogo.  The premium kit offered includes the SmartRazor® HEAT® razor, two heated blades replaceable cartridges, and its companion charging dock.  The discounted introductory Indiegogo price is $79 for the kit and additional discounts are offered for early bird purchases.
Consumers can pre-order the SmartRazor® HEAT® starting in April, see for Indiegogo link.  SmartRazor® has working prototypes and is setting up manufacturing.  With additional funding from the Indiegogo pre-sales, the first SmartRazors will go into production in 2018.
The Tomassetti’s also manufacture ShaveMate® series, Titan® & Diva® All-in-One® Razor models with shaving cream inside the razors and other special features (see as well as the Freedom® Razor for US Military sales.

About SmartRazor®:
With SmartRazor®, modern electronic technology merges with razors to make the world’s first and only razor with heated blades.  SmartRazor’s heated blades cut hair up to three times easier with virtually no tug or pull and offering incredible warm shaving comfort at the same time. For more information, visit .

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