SmartRazor® “Pursuit of the Perfect Shave” Background Story:

This is the story of two inventor brothers with a dream of improving shaving for billions of people around the world. Theirs is a family business, with long hours, hard work, passion, dedication, daily struggles, and many obstacles to overcome in an industry dominated by giant multinational companies.
Welcome. Join the brothers' vision and journey to make something truly original in the shave space that is much better than the status quo. 
Razors are reinvented.  Finally, Razors Get Smart!
And now after 12 years of working on this innovation, the unveiling of SmartRazor®: 


The new era of change and innovation in the Shave Category starts now. We are in a paradigm shift from old-tech status quo razors to new hi-tech super-advanced razors that are Smart. 
Brothers Lou and Pete Tomassetti have brought innovation to the shave business for many years, but for the last decade their focus was on searching for the "Perfect Shave." And they found it! Actually, they made it...

The brothers' pursuit for the perfect shave resulted in creating the new SmartRazor® with heated blades technology. The warm blades slice through hair effortlessly with virtually no tug and pull, like a warn knife through butter. It is scientifically proven through comprehensive laboratory testing that SmartRazor's warm blades slice through hair up to 200% easier than other brand's non-heated blades. The warm blades provide for very comfortable smooth shaves for men and women, like a spa-shave everyday. Our grandfathers knew hot shaves were the best, now with SmartRazor, you can have the modern version of a warm soothing barbershop shave right at home with just the push of a button!    

The R&D is finished and patents are filed. SmartRazor® has working prototypes. With funding, production of SmartRazor® starts in 2018.  

More than a Disrupter, SmartRazor® is truly the Game Changer in the multi-billion dollar Shave / Razor industry. SmartRazor's innovation is so unique and important to the industry and to consumers worldwide, that we knew it had to be protected. In total to date, there are over 30 patents Issued and Pending in the USA and many other countries.
Dollar Shave Club has disrupted and upgraded the marketing and delivery of razors. Now, SmartRazor® upgrades razors themselves!

SmartRazor® finally brings Razors into the 21st century. SmartRazor® is the next generation of razors and is the first and only razor to have heated blades technology. The first and only razor to have a multi-function microprocessor on board. The first and only razor that is Smart!  
SmartRazor® innovations brings a new level of shaving comfort and performance never dreamed before. With SmartRazor® you actually look forward to shaving as now it really feels good to shave. The morning dreaded task of shaving is transformed to your enjoyable and comforting personal grooming moment. 

We will be producing and selling the next generation of razors (new SmartRazors) to an anxious shaving consumer market so eager for real razor innovation and change from the status quo. This innovation is very exciting and is the first major reinvent of razors in hundreds of years. Our Competitive Advantage is that we bring to the world new hi-tech razors called SmartRazors that shave hair dramatically easier than non-heated blades of today. 

SmartRazor® has new heated blades technology which brings heat to the cutting edge of the blades so they glide through your hair effortlessly with virtually no tug or pull for incredible comfort and shaving performance. Powered by battery and with a mini computer on board, SmartRazor® is the most advanced shaving razor on the planet. Soon consumers all over the world will have the choice to purchase and shave with; old-tech razors of yesterday -or- new hi-tech super-advanced razors that are Smart. We have comprehensive consumer impact studies that show shaving consumers will pick SmartRazor® overwhelmingly, and we agree! 

For centuries everyone has been searching for the "Perfect Shave", now SmartRazor® is the Perfect Shave. 

The Future of Shaving is Here!®  SmartRazor® is Razor Evolution in real time.  Finally Razors Get Smart.