December 30, 2017

New SmartRazor with Heated Blades Makes Shaving Feel Good

New SmartRazor with Heated Blades Makes Shaving Feel Good.                                                                                    2017  

SmartRazor is the world's only razor with heated blades.  The warm blades slice through hair up to 200% easier than non-heated blades.  At the same time the automatic warm, blades give you a warm comfortable soothing shave.  The creators are brothers Lou and Pete Tomassetti.  "With SmartRazor you change the morning dreaded task of shaving into your own warm soothing personal grooming moment" Lou Tomassetti said.  

SmartRazor is powered by a rechargeable battery and microprocessor to keep the blades warmed to the optimum warm temperature continuously throughout your entire shave.  The warmth not only feels so good, but it actually cuts the hair so much easier.  
The SmartRazor Handle comes with its stylish Recharging Dock and two Heated 6 Blade Cartridges.  You can pre-order SmartRazor through its upcoming Indiegogo campaign, go to website for the Indiegogo Link.  Prices start at 59.00 early bird for the full kit with the recharging dock included.  Replacement heated blades cartridges will be available also through their website.   

This is the new much higher level of comfort and performance for men and women, said Pete Tomassetti.  It actually feels good to shave now with SmartRazor, like a Barber Shop's hot shave at home with just the push of a button.

Start Up Dollar Shave Club reinvented marketing of Razors and they were recently sold to Unilever, now SmartRazor reinvents Razors themselves!

Finally Razors Get Smart!

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